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Our HR200 100

We bought a Robin HR200/100 Light Aircraft in 2003.  G-BGXR had been previously owned at Popham Airfield near the South coast by a syndicate.  Being kept by a syndicate meant that many things needed attention, which my father was more than happy to do since he retired, there is more than enough to keep him busy!

Initially he went to view and fly the aircraft a couple of times, until eventually he had more or less decided that the HR200 was for him.  At that time I didn't have my PPL.  We took along Martin from Airspeed Aviation (Derby Airport) who gave the aircraft a thorough examination by taking inspection panels off and checking the engine etc.  This is a must because its far more critical than a car.  He gave it the thumbs up, and arranged to fly down to popham and fly it back with him.

Initially we kept the plane at Derby Airfield, which has a 530m grass runway, which is marginal for this aircraft, so since I am a new pilot, we have moved down the road to Tatenhil Aviation, since it has a hard runway, much like the ones I'm used to from America.


In addition to the routine maintainance shedule which consists of an Annual Inspection, a 3 Yearly Certificate of Airworthiness, and the 50 Hour Checks, we have done other substantial work to bring our little robin up to standard.

Mostly, the aircraft was in reasonably shape, any corrosion was 'seen to' by the previous owners. 

  • Replaced the Front Right, and Rear Right Window.
  • Replaced Dark Blue Cover with Light Cover to reduce thermal stress on windows.
  • Improved Braking Effeciancy
  • Reconditioned Cowling
  • Reconditioned Spats and Fairings
  • Cleaned out 30 years of crud from cockpit
  • Clearly Re-Labled the Fuses and Warning Lights
  • Reconditioned Propeller for better short field performance
  • Added New Modern Amplified GPS Antenna
  • Updated Skymap to latest software revision
  • Reconditioned Charging system and Alternator
  • Replaced Battery
  • Checked Wiring for insulation problems and corrosion
  • Checked Altitude Encoder for Mode C
  • Improved landing light reliability, old connector corroded
  • Special Aviation Corrosion Inhibiter injected.
  • Rehoned, and rebuilt some engine cylinders for better compression
  • Checked Engine for internal corrosion on Crank and Dry Camshaft
  • Lots of other little bits and bobs, paint retouching etc.



What you can do in a Robin.  Though spinning intentionally isn't recommended in our HR200, Later ones like this one were modified with larger fin to aide spin recovery.  Also note the engine stops completely in the spin which is a bit worrying- the RPM reads 0 and you can see the prop stopped which is not very encouraging.

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